At Centered Pilates and Fitness, you are encouraged to find your center as you strengthen your core.
Be healthy. Be strong. Be Centered.
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What Clients Are Saying

  • I am sure many of you have a similar story – once you hit your mid-40’s/early 50’s, it is so much harder to loss belly fat. I have never been good at dieting for any period of time as I just love food. Moderation isn’t always easy either. So, I opted to become an exercise […]

  • I usually would not give a 5-star rating. But, I have to say, I just adore Centered. The space is small and cozy. But it is SUPER clean and nice. The workouts are challenging and well planned. The instructions feel personalized and tailored to each individual. We all have some sort of physical issue, which […]

  • Before I started attending classes at Centered, I hadn’t worked out in over 2 years. I had lower back issues due to pregnancy a few years back and my chiropractor told me that I needed to start getting some muscle tone or I was going to be living my life in pain. My stomach and […]

  • I love Centered Studio. From their high energy, supportive instructors to the dynamic and effective classes they offer, it’s everything you could hope for in a fitness studio. Since discovering their Xtend Barre/Stick classes a few months ago, I have seen huge gains in strength and endurance, and huge losses in flab and inches (especially […]

  • A couple of my friends did Xtend Barre for a few months and their results were amazing! I was the softball girl growing up, never the dancer, so I knew I wouldn’t be very graceful going into this. However, their results inspired me to get into the studio. Centered’s website is very user-friendly, providing explanations […]

  • Although I have always tried to workout here and there I have never been a fan of the gym scene – the confusing machines, the people who think it’s a dating hub, waiting for equipment or floor space to be come available, etc. Centered Studio offers a quiet, personal environment with fun, well trained instructors […]

  • I was referred to Centered by a friend who was raving about Xtend Barre classes. I attending a complimentary class and completely fell in love! Xtend is the perfect combination of light weights, ballet inspired moves, cardio and pilates. I have been attending class 4-5 times a week for the past 6 weeks and can […]

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