At Centered Pilates and Fitness, you are encouraged to find your center as you strengthen your core.
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Barbara Lynch

Barbara Lynch

Certified Pilates Instructor, Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor, and Pilates Teacher Trainer

Barbara Lynch is a personal trainer and group fitness instructor with 23 years experience and has specialized in Pilates for the past 17 years. Barbara is certified by ACE, PMI, PMA, Body Precision & Yogafit. Throughout her career, she owned studios in New York and New Jersey. As owner of the Shore Pilates Center, her studio was the first Certifying Studio in New Jersey for The PhysicalMind Institute Teacher Training Program, where she trained over 200 instructors to become certified in Pilates.

Barbara enjoys working with clients of all levels and can adapt an individual’s workout to meet physical limitations when necessary. She believes Pilates exercise is beneficial for everyone!
Barbara now resides in Palm Beach County with her husband. She loves to travel and stays fit and healthy by practicing pilates and yoga, taking power walks and bike riding.

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