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Mitzi Frank

Mitzi Frank

Certified Pilates Instructor

I am a Pilates reformer instructor living with cancer. I first turned to Pilates after the birth of my son in hopes to lose the pregnancy flab. A few months later I learned my cancer, that had been in remission for seven years, was back and this time metastasized. At first I thought exercise was off the list, but treatment has evolved significantly since my initial diagnosis and sensible exercise was now encouraged. It was then that I committed to Pilates fully. Here was a form of exercise that could easily be adapted to my needs regardless of treatment side effects. It could be as intense or gentle as I needed and the focus on the movements offered an escape from my diagnosis, work, family obligations..what to make for dinner. It brought me freedom. Now as an instructor I hope to bring the same to my clients. Whether you are looking for an intense, but joint friendly workout or a way to stretch out muscles through or post treatment, I am here to help you find strength and freedom through Pilates.

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