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Veoletta Dyer

Veoletta Dyer

Certified Pilates Instructor

Veoletta has dedicated her educational training to the study of all aspects of dance. Most recently, she obtained her MFA degree in Dance from Florida State University with an additional concentration in Dance Science. She holds a BS degree from Duke University in Biological Anthropology and Anatomy with a minor in Dance.
Her love of dance and anatomy led Veoletta to become a graduate assistant teaching Pilates mat and reformer while attending graduate school at FSU. During this time, she also conducted dance science research and helped condition and rehabilitate dancers.
Veoletta has taught conditioning classes for Suzanne Farrell’s Workshop for Young Dancers and helped develop a cross training program for FSU’s Summer Intensive Dance Workshop. She is a Balanced Body Certified Instructor and is excited to use her knowledge to help others to become the healthiest version of themselves through Pilates.
Veoletta is a self-proclaimed foodie, who loves to eat, travel, and go antique shopping with her husband.

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