At Centered Pilates and Fitness, you are encouraged to find your center as you strengthen your core.
Be healthy. Be strong. Be Centered.
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  • This blog was sent to me by a Pilates Student!  “I can’t believe I pay people to make me sweat!”   says a student after a TRX class.  Another student answers,” I can!  I know I could do it myself, but I wouldn’t and this is much more fun!”   The first time I bought a 6 month […]

  • Pilates transforms the way your body looks, feels and moves though a series of exercises that enable you to build strength without bulk, resulting in: Longer, leaner muscles Increased flexibility and strength Better balance and coordination A strong, stable core/center Improved posture Abdominals that draw in and up rather than protrude A uniformly developed body […]

  • It’s all about YOU! Whether you’re starting your Pilates practice to build core strength and stability, to rehab an injury or recover from surgery, or to improve your athletic performance, Pilates private sessions are a great way to start. Your Pilates classes are held in a private, comfortable setting. It’s just you and your Pilates instructor working […]

  • This full body workout consists of continuous movements that will make you sweat, shake and burn!!!   This advanced class is definitely CHALLENGING! We plank, lunge, jump, laugh , sweat & constantly provide you with fun, unique and intense exercises. This muscle-shaking workout may combine reformer, wunda chairs, ladder barrels, jump board, rebounders, floor exercises […]

  • Centered Studio offers Beginner Pilates Apparatus group classes. Pilates is a powerful movement modality. It’s perfect for adults of all ages and all levels of fitness. Incorporating Pilates in your life will lead to lifelong wellbeing. It can prevent injury and strain caused by everyday activities or other forms of exercise. Also, because less time […]

  • Spring is a great time to start with a clean slate, setting new goals focused on an even healthier lifestyle.  There is nothing better than a new beginning for your mind, body & soul.  For many of us, a fresh new calendar and list of things to tackle, learn and start is exciting. Remember to be […]

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  • Fitness studio for all ages and abilities relocates to North Palm Beach’s Oak Tree Plaza  North Palm Beach, Fla. – Centered Pilates and Fitness Studio is excited to announce its new location at 11575 U.S. Hwy. 1 in North Palm Beach. Originally located in Lake Park, Fla., the fitness boutique, which specializes in Pilates, has […]

  • I usually would not give a 5-star rating. But, I have to say, I just adore Centered. The space is small and cozy. But it is SUPER clean and nice. The workouts are challenging and well planned. The instructions feel personalized and tailored to each individual. We all have some sort of physical issue, which […]

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  • Before I started attending classes at Centered, I hadn’t worked out in over 2 years. I had lower back issues due to pregnancy a few years back and my chiropractor told me that I needed to start getting some muscle tone or I was going to be living my life in pain. My stomach and […]

  • I love Centered Studio. From their high energy, supportive instructors to the dynamic and effective classes they offer, it’s everything you could hope for in a fitness studio. Since discovering their Xtend Barre/Stick classes a few months ago, I have seen huge gains in strength and endurance, and huge losses in flab and inches (especially […]

  • A couple of my friends did Xtend Barre for a few months and their results were amazing! I was the softball girl growing up, never the dancer, so I knew I wouldn’t be very graceful going into this. However, their results inspired me to get into the studio. Centered’s website is very user-friendly, providing explanations […]

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