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Certified Pilates, Kettlebell and TRX Instructor

Eva was born and raised in Czechoslovakia. Eva showed a passion for sports at an early age. She was recruited by the State to attend a sport-oriented school where she was competing in track & field and tennis. After completing the specialized school for sports, Eva followed her passion for physical fitness and was accepted to University for Physical Education. Eva moved to Florida in 1999. From years of playing tennis Eva developed muscle imbalances causing shoulder and back pain as well as bad posture. She started Pilates to correct the muscle imbalances and to improve her posture. The Pilates method worked and Eva developed postural awareness, a pain free body and more balanced musculature. The positive effects of Pilates motivated Eva to become a certified Pilates instructor and share her enthusiasm for core strength movement and flexibility. As a Pilates instructor, she can help people feel more balanced and strong from the inside out. She has extensive experience teaching challenging contemporary group classes and private sessions. In addition to her Pilates Certification, Eva is trained as a Kettlebell and TRX instructor and continues to use all three exercise modalities.

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