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Are you feeling sluggish and out of shape?

By Gina - View All Centered Events
  • Are you wanting to add more exercise time into your life, but feeling nervous because you feel like your aging body is out of shape?
  • Are you one of those people that doesn’t really love to exercise but knows you need to do something?

I have some exciting news for you. You are not alone and so many people who feel just like you have figured out some foolproof ways to add more exercise into their life…helping them feel better and stay healthy!  I get phone calls every day from people who are feeling just like you!

Two Exercise Tips if you’re feeling sluggish and out of shape! 

Don’t try to do it by yourself. You are probably not one of those people that naturally and easily can add a movement routine into your life on a regular basis on your own—your brain is wired differently and that’s OK!

You might need an accountability partner to help you create a habit in your life. If you have a friend or spouse who is willing to be this person in your life this can be a great way for you both to create accountability for each other. This can also be a little tricky because if the other person decides not to workout one day…it becomes very easy for you to do the same.

Another great option is to schedule workout classes or private sessions with a fitness professional. By pre-scheduling your workout sessions you are creating accountability and as long as you do the work to show up you know that you’ll get a workout in once you get there.

BONUS:  if you are scheduling with a trained professional you will have their expertise to navigate what and how you should be moving, ensuring that your exercise time is safe and effective.

Side note: Yes this definitely costs more than just doing it yourself and often makes people feel guilty. Try thinking of it like you think of your health insurance premiums. Do you get mad at yourself for having to pay for health insurance?  Absolutely not….it is a given that health insurance (whether we use it or not) is a necessity.

Start thinking of your movement time as a necessity because it is absolutely important in maintaining your physical and mental health in your life!!   Know that you are in the majority of people who need an accountability partner to help maintain your health, just like we need skilled nurses and doctors to help us with our health and paying for that service is part of your health care plan.

Of course if you absolutely cannot afford it (the pandemic has been hard on all of us!)  than make it a priority to find an accountability partner who will move with you and keeps you consistent with your movement time!   Make sure to make your movement time a priority by scheduling it on your calendar each day! 

Find something you enjoy. I know what you are thinking, we just established that you are not an “exercise person” and you don’t enjoy exercise, how in the world can you find something you enjoy?

Try to find something that you don’t hate? For example if you’ve never enjoyed running because it doesn’t feel good in your body, your knees hurt and you don’t like how your body feels while you are running…it seems like it would be silly to try to establish a running practice in your life. Walking or maybe biking on a recumbent bike might be more likable for you or maybe even some sort of dance inspired class.

If you want to build strength and flexibility, many people find that practices like Pilates and Yoga are much more enjoyable to them than just lifting weights at the gym. As a bonus these mind body practices also have a focus on combining breath and movement in a way that decreases stress and anxiety.

If you are ready to go from “sluggish and out of shape” to “moving more in your life”  I challenge you to do these three things in your life today!

  1. Find yourself an accountability partner This can be a friend, family member or a fitness professional.  Often the simple act of scheduling training sessions or classes and putting them on your calendar helps you keep moving consistently.  
  2. Find some exercise you don’t hate and commit to adding more movement time into your life on a regular basis.
  3. Make sure you tell your accountability partner (whether this is a friend or a fitness professional) your goals so that they can help you stay consistent!

Want to learn more about how Centered Pilates and Fitness can help you create a consistent movement practice in your life? Email me today, and I’ll help you create a plan for success that you enjoy and we’ll help keep you consistently keep working toward your goals along the way!

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