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Centered Pilates and Fitness Announces Move to North Palm Beach

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Fitness studio for all ages and abilities relocates to North Palm Beach’s Oak Tree Plaza 

North Palm Beach, Fla. – Centered Pilates and Fitness Studio is excited to announce its new location at 11575 U.S. Hwy. 1 in North Palm Beach. Originally located in Lake Park, Fla., the fitness boutique, which specializes in Pilates, has gained a loyal clientele.

“I think the new location is an improvement; the old location was sort of hidden,” said Judy J., a client of Centered for over a year. “It’s an independently owned studio, so it really caters to your needs. The teachers know your name, your body limitations, and pay attention to your progress. That’s why I keep coming back.”

The move presents new opportunities that will provide a better experience for clients. Additional rooms and space have enabled the studio to expand its schedule to feature more classes and popular fitness methods, including Xtend Barre, TRX, Tabata, and more.

Centered will also be adding yoga instructors to their roster of certified fitness experts, and incorporating gentle yoga classes into the schedule. The additional space will also be utilized to include a kids’ fitness class, held in conjunction with a Pilates class for parents.

“Our goal at Centered has always been to meet the needs of our clients,” said Gina Colantuoni, the studio’s owner. “The new studio allows us to help moms maintain their fitness routine, and with two rooms, children can be occupied and have fun in a healthy way.” Gina Colantuoni is an instructor certified in Pilates, TRX, and Tabata, and has owned Centered since April 2013.

Centered had its soft opening in November and is now offering Pilates classes at the new location in North Palm Beach. Currently awaiting the completion of an extra room, a grand opening is expected in January 2015.

Centered Pilates and Fitness Studio aims to accommodate the needs of any age, fitness level, and lifestyle. Offering a contemporary approach to the original exercise method pioneered by Joseph Pilates, Centered aids clients in transforming the way their bodies look, feel, and move. Our instructors work with clients to create healthy, sustainable fitness results that will enhance their lives. Join the community at Centered Pilates and Fitness Studio and visit our website at

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