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Centered Studio Client Review – Rachel M.

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Before I started attending classes at Centered, I hadn’t worked out in over 2 years. I had lower back issues due to pregnancy a few years back and my chiropractor told me that I needed to start getting some muscle tone or I was going to be living my life in pain. My stomach and pelvic area were mush, and my rear end was getting sad from losing weight without gaining muscle.

My first day of class at Centered was so hard. I found myself pushing my body to its limits with the smallest movements, using every muscle, muscles I didn’t even know I had. Still, the class went by very quickly! It was fun and I felt two inches taller after an hour of holding myself upright, engaging my core, and lengthening my muscles.

Initially, I was so worried I was too out of shape to get the most out of class, but the instructors were very patient and informative. They promised I’m going to see improvement and they were right – each day I noticed advancement and within a month I was getting compliments from everyone. The workout itself has never gotten easier for me -every class presents a new challenge, a new surprise for body- but as I continue to attend class, I find myself mastering the forms and becoming more in control of my body.

Every week I also attended Pilates classes to really boost my strength training. Pilates on the reformer is very different from the Pilates I tried at home on the floor – the equipment works to target your muscles through resistance, so its modifiable to suit different abilities, ensuring you get the most out of each session.

After my summer at Centered, my abs are visible, my thighs don’t jiggle like they used to, and my derriere perked up a couple of inches.  As a woman, my favorite part about Xtend and Pilates is they tone my muscles in a way that enhances my feminine figure. My body is sculpted but with long and lean curves, not bulky – it’s strength training that makes you smaller!

I’ve invited friends to join me, ladies who run, who go to boot camp, do Cross fit – it doesn’t matter – all of them GRUNT, SWEAT, and SHAKE during class as they plow through the graceful movements… because this is like no workout you’ve ever had before and you are seriously missing out!

-Rachel M.

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