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How quickly will I see results from Pilates classes?

By Gina - View All Blog
One of the most common sentiments I hear from new clients after their first visit is:

“I felt really great after our session. I felt a little taller and very aware of my abs. My (insert name of an achy body part) is feeling better . . . could I really feel a difference after one session?”

My simple answer: YES!

Here’s why:

The Pilates method of exercises teaches your body how to create and maintain alignment and balance. The exercises not only strengthen and stretch your muscles, but they train your brain to recognize imbalances so your body can self-correct. Once you become more aware of your body, finding your alignment and balance comes more naturally. It’s amazing how quickly you will feel the difference!

It’s similar to riding a bike. After you’ve done it once, your body recognizes how to do it and continues to improve the skill each time you exercise. The same is true as you learn the skills of aligning your body and accessing your core muscles.

Now that you’ve learned to align and balance your body through a focus on your core, you need to make a commitment to consistent practice of these skills.  We suggest incorporating Pilates into your fitness routine a minimum of 2 to 3 times a week to maximize the benefits.

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