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What is this TRX I have been hearing about?

By Gina - View All Blog

Fun Fact!    TRX stands for Total-Body Resistance eXercise.    Another Fun Fact:   I just googled that.

TRX is a suspension training system that forces you to rely on just your bodyweight for strength training rather than weights and equipment.   Essentially, it is a couple of straps sewn together and used for resistance training.  The TRX workout and straps were invented by a Navy Seal to keep his fellow SEALS in shape.  Imagine a piece of equipment small enough to fit in your trunk yet so versatile and durable that you can train an elite athlete to aging seniors.

You can really reach your fitness goals with adding in a TRX workout!  It’s ability to work all of your muscles, including your heart (hello Cardio!) Bend, Push, Pull, Squat, Lunge and more!   You can choose the intensity level by your foot placement and angle rather than changing dumbbells or adding weight plates.  It’s all YOU!

TRX is a workout that suits high-level fitness fans as well as beginners.  What are the benefits of  TRX??

  1. increases core body strength and muscle endurance
  2. helps improve balance
  3. offers an all-round body workout
  4. a cardio workout or a more gentle fitness routine
  5. low impact but with the benefits of resistance training
  6. Add in weight loss and body fat loss with burning calories while gaining strength. It is a perfect complement to your Pilates workouts.

This is easily one of my favorite classes to teach at the studio.  We’ve had full group classes all summer and added many TRX exercises in all of our private sessions too.  Curious?  Don’t hang around waiting to find out more about TRX.

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