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  • Are you one of those people who has a membership at an exercise facility, but you dread going there? There are a lot of different methods of exercise, and sometimes the reason we dislike exercise, is that we don’t enjoy the method of exercise we are doing. For instance, I’ve had a client tell me […]

  • Welcome Fabiana!

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    I am excited to welcome Fabiana back to our studio family! Fabiana is a former dancer who started her dancing career at the early age of 4. Little did she know that would be the beginning of her fitness career. After 15 years of discipline, determination and understanding of the human body from the classical […]

  • Snap Crackle Pop!

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    Snap, crackle, pop….Does the sound of your body creep you out a little bit?  Do you find that as you get older you start hearing more and more cracks and pops when you move?  You are not alone and you are completely normal!!    The sound you hear is caused by air bubbles in the […]

  • I recently surveyed a group of people I was going to be speaking with to get a feel for where they were at in their life with movement and exercise.  One of the questions I asked is: What are your biggest obstacles when it comes to exercise? The 3 most common answers I got were: […]

  • Are you wanting to add more exercise time into your life, but feeling nervous because you feel like your aging body is out of shape? Are you one of those people that doesn’t really love to exercise but knows you need to do something? I have some exciting news for you. You are not alone and […]

  • Centered Pilates is committed to your health and well-being. We understand there is growing concern and uncertainty regarding the Coronavirus. It’s important to let you know what we are doing at the studio to help keep you safe and healthy during your workouts. Cleanliness is always our priority, but we are taking extra steps as […]

  • We have a new Instructor!

    By Gina - View All Blog

    I am excited to introduce Whitney Perl, a talented instructor who has joined our team of inspired and experienced teachers! Whitney is originally from Maryland and subsequently residing in California, Whitney was introduced to Pilates in 2004 after experiencing a back injury. The positive effects of Pilates made her a true believer and motivated her […]

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